• Data: 03 de Janeiro de 2015


  • Deliver all-flash storage for less than the cost of HDDs with IBM® Real-time Compression™;
  • Scale up and out to accelerate mixed workloads with up to 1.6 PB and 2.5 million IOPS;
  • Integrate with VMware using vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI);
  • Enable quality of service to deliver performance to applications that need it and use IBM Easy Tier® to migrate less frequently accessed data off your all-flash array;
  • Protect your data with a full suite of disaster-recovery tools including snapshots, clones and replication;
  • Achieve advanced visualization, provisioning and performance management with IBM SmartCloud® Virtual Storage Center;
  • Boost reliability with enterprise-class flash storage and industry-leading storage virtualization technology;
  • Increase storage utilization by providing more flexible access to storage assets;
  • Improve administrator productivity by enabling centralized management of pooled storage from a single interface;
  • Offer scalable performance in storage devices that are both space and power efficient;

Today’s storage capacity and performance requirements are growing faster than ever before—and the costs of managing this growth are eating up more and more of the typical IT budget. Flash storage addresses your performance requirements, while software-defined storage simplifies data management, improves data security and preserves your investments in legacy storage. And now, flash technology and software-defined storage are available in one solution that provides flexible deployment architectures, extreme performance, simplified management and a fast return on investment (ROI).

The market for all-flash arrays is saturated with products aiming to replace enterprise storage arrays but consistently failing to deliver the breadth of data lifecycle, storage services or the scalability delivered by incumbent solutions. Alternatively, hybrid arrays loaded with storage services consistently lack the low latency and performance scalability delivered by all-flash arrays.

IBM FlashSystem™ V840 Enterprise Performance Solution merges IBM software-defined storage with the scalable performance of IBM FlashSystem storage to accelerate critical business applications and decrease data center costs simultaneously. As a result, your organization can gain a competitive advantage via a more flexible, responsive and efficient storage environment.